Mom? Why Are They All Men Up Front at Church?

“Mama? Why are they all men?” My daughter’s innocent question came when the deacons and elders of our church were called to come pray over a beloved leader in our church at the end of the morning service. Her question was not loaded or argumentative, yet it drew out those […]

The problem with being a strong, independent woman…

As I walked through the barn, I laughed a little. She was obviously wearing her boyfriend’s t-shirt. It hung almost to her knees over her skinny jeans. The mom bathing her horse was also wearing her man’s tee. It made a good smock as the dirt from the horse seemed […]

Confessions of a Stumbling Recovering Perfectionist

Periods aren’t exactly dinner table talk. And yet for the last six years, I’ve found myself talking about them with everyone from friends to family to coworkers. I’ve had to explain that “no,” I don’t have a period. And “no,” I don’t know why. And “yes,” I’m seeing a doctor […]

Headscarves Make Me Feel Beautiful & This is Why

Have you ever found yourself searching for something without really knowing what you were searching for? Or have you ever thought you were searching for one thing, and then, when you found it, discovered it was about so much more? It happened to me recently. I started doing something for […]

When You’re Hurt by Other Women

7:45 a.m. It was the same time every day when my Volkswagen Tiguan would pull out of the garage and start its trek down the driveway. I pulled down the sun visor to shield my eyes from the early morning glare that hit the uneven black pavement. When describing that […]

The Beauty of Sisterhood

I was seven-years-old when I found out my parents were expecting my youngest sibling. Before they found out the gender, I knew, knew, knew the baby was a girl. I had been praying every night – starting before they announced the pregnancy – for a sister, and this was God’s […]

My Life as a So Called Feminist

Girl power. I believe in it. Believe it or not I’ve spent most of my life feeling a little guilty and a little rebellious because I do. I was raised by a single mom, so I never bought into the idea that a woman had to have a man to be […]