On Finding Your Tribe

You’ve heard it. “Just because you have 2,000 friends on facebook doesn’t mean you have any real friends.” On one hand it’s a true statement. We can get caught up in the numbers. I myself have, both as a blogger and entrepreneur. I think that is to be somewhat to […]

Mi Esperanza: Engaging in Missions

My summer got rerouted in the best way ever… A year ago, my husband traveled to Honduras on a mission trip with the youth of FUMC Tupelo. He came home in love. I fully expected that passion to fade, but it hasn’t done so. In January, Corey was back on […]

On a Mission

This last week Heather, who writes every Thursday here at Middle Places, has been gone on a missions trip. Due to a scheduling snafu on my part we didn’t have a blog post to fill this spot because…well…she’s been busy. And also in another country. And today she’s on a […]

More Than Meets the Eye

Do you see this picture? It’s gorgeous, right? The lighting is perfect. My children are clean and color coordinated. Everyone is looking at the camera at the same time. They are even SMILING. My hair isn’t doing anything weird, and my toddler isn’t pulling on my dress. My very talented […]

Prayer isn’t Everything (A response to Charleston)

My heart is shredded over the events in Charleston last week, events which have been rumbling and building, sometimes screaming, in the news for months. Charleston, however, leaves us without the convenient labels we have used to legitimize race related violence: thugs, entitled, criminals. Labels which, perhaps, make someone seem […]

Sacred Echoes

My first day of student teaching was a memorable one. Mostly because of one of my students … Jerome. Jerome moved like a bouncing ball, lumbering from one part of the room to the next with a seemingly boundless energy. Though he didn’t often make eye contact, he had a […]

New Songs for a New Era

Something amazing happened to me over the last year. I found music again. Okay. I didn’t really lose music, but I did lose my music identity for a little while. Somewhere near the end of 2004 my music collection made a turn toward the preschool playlist and it has hung […]

NOT my Highest Calling

The church isn’t the only place that gets it wrong. A commenter on Facebook pointed this out to me, and she’s correct. However, being a Southern-raised girl who married a minister… the church is where I’ve seen it most. “Motherhood is a woman’s highest calling.” This is a lie. Or, […]