The Luxury of Outrage

I’m pausing my 12 Steps series to join the crowd crowing over Starbucks Christmas cups. If you’re as tired of hearing about this as I am, you may tune out here. I totally get it. First off, I don’t actually care about Starbucks cups. This post isn’t really about Starbucks […]

How to restore human dignity

We’ve seen a lot of hard images in the media lately. Even my own small town feels poverty, hunger, gang violence, substance abuse, and a high unemployment level threatening to overwhelm humanity daily.  Crisis is everywhere making it hard to know where to start or who to listen to.  We […]

An Invitation To Be Beautiful

It’s no secret that I love social media. In the grand scheme of things I probably spend too much time on it. But it fascinates me…the ways it has affected how we communicate, the way people choose or don’t choose to engage, the fear it causes for some people as […]

More Than Just A Hobby

“I’ve lived on the island I was born on for 64 years.” ~ Ria in the Netherlands “Greetings from French Polynesia!” ~ Vanessa in Tahiti “Hi! I made this post card myself, I hope you like it!” ~ Grace in Taiwan “I was born, and have always lived in Waltham […]

My Life as a So Called Feminist

Girl power. I believe in it. Believe it or not I’ve spent most of my life feeling a little guilty and a little rebellious because I do. I was raised by a single mom, so I never bought into the idea that a woman had to have a man to be […]

Praying the miles, Part 2

Praying the miles, Part 1 As I crossed the finish line of my 1,000 Miles Challenge — a full six months later than I planned for it to take — I tried to smile, to be happy about my accomplishment, but the truth is, I was just heavy. Weighed down […]