Sometimes serving looks like an airport

Sometimes serving looks like an airport. I’ve been joking about a blog titled: Things You Wouldn’t Know Missionaries Do It includes stuff like counting money, counting a lot of money, counting more money, making phone calls, replying to text messages in two languages, taking dictation, sitting in government offices, getting […]

More Than Just A Hobby

“I’ve lived on the island I was born on for 64 years.” ~ Ria in the Netherlands “Greetings from French Polynesia!” ~ Vanessa in Tahiti “Hi! I made this post card myself, I hope you like it!” ~ Grace in Taiwan “I was born, and have always lived in Waltham […]

Mi Esperanza: Engaging in Missions

My summer got rerouted in the best way ever… A year ago, my husband traveled to Honduras on a mission trip with the youth of FUMC Tupelo. He came home in love. I fully expected that passion to fade, but it hasn’t done so. In January, Corey was back on […]

On a Mission

This last week Heather, who writes every Thursday here at Middle Places, has been gone on a missions trip. Due to a scheduling snafu on my part we didn’t have a blog post to fill this spot because…well…she’s been busy. And also in another country. And today she’s on a […]