My encounter with the gift of healing

I had two things on my mind as I walked into the barn that morning. I had not nearly had enough coffee. I’d be a much happier camper just sitting in the quiet of my warm home reading a book. I didn’t want to be social, and teaching riding lessons […]

Healing a Sin Sick Soul

I’ve been working the steps since January. If you’ve ever been in a 12-step program, you know exactly what I mean. I failed to realize being part of a team of leaders for my congregation’s community care ministry would mean working through the steps myself (which in hindsight is terribly […]

The Great Preparing

I carry four extra pens in my purse – in case the first one gets lost or doesn’t work or doesn’t make it back to me. I like to have multiple backups, not just one.  Without consciously preparing, I lay out my clothes a week in advance. If someone says, […]