Life Has a Way of Getting in the Way of Living

I’m a sucker for 90’s chick flicks. So when a friend invited me over to avoid a normal day’s responsibilities, to make fancy food the kids won’t touch, and veg on the couch in between courses with the Runaway Bride, how could I resist? A problem with commitment In case you haven’t seen it the main ... [Read More]

It was a “Jesus Take the Wheel” Kind Of Summer

I didn’t drive for a month. I never thought it would bother me to give up the wheel. It didn’t even cross my mind until we headed to church the night before my flight to Honduras. My husband drove, and I would ride a bus to the airport and then I would be in Honduras for a month. I'd not drive unt ... [Read More]

Allowing God to Polish my Heart

A few weeks ago, I hit my tooth while singing on a microphone. My front tooth. I didn't think anything of it until I flossed and felt a rough place. Ugh. One thousand and forty thoughts when through my head ... I can't afford to fix this right now. How could I have done this to my FRONT tooth? ... [Read More]

November Daily Scripture Writing

November is here. And I've got our next to the last Daily Scripture Writing Plan. We'll be taking a look at yielding in the Bible. Most verses we'll be looking at talk about yielding our will to God. That's a tough one, right? I like to think I know a thing or two about how my life should work out, ... [Read More]

Remembering to Praise in Hard Times

My husband and I recently attended the funeral of a friend who battled breast cancer for three years. Another friend’s wife is celebrating remission. Our niece was diagnosed with the same cancer in March. She has two young daughters. My heart breaks to see what she is going through. “I have no sil ... [Read More]