Embracing the Present is Hard

Her somewhat toothless grin makes me giddy. I can’t help it. I just want to eat her up. I keep checking on her left top tooth. Her gum is swollen where the tooth will soon appear … at least I think it will be soon, it seems it’s been on it’s way in for a long time. A couple times a day I ask her t ... [Read More]

Sometimes Dreams Don’t Come True

Sometimes dreams don’t come true. Now all of the optimists and encouragers shake in their seats, wanting desperately to tell me there is still time, that my dreams might come true, that I should not give up. And they are right. All of you are right. I’m not quitting, but I am acknowledging the ... [Read More]

Couple’s Therapy with God

So for about three weeks now, my relationship with God has been in the repair shop. It's not a major fix like a broken transmission or blown out engine. Nor like Jacob wrestling with God. (Although I've been there too.) It was more like couples counseling. You married peeps understand this. I sat ... [Read More]

Mama, Did You Know God is Always Holding Your Hand?

It was a cold, clear autumn day. A few leaves still clung to the trees as a chilly wind whipped them this way and that. They had been shades of bright orange, red and yellow just a few days before. The almost constant wind and cold had dried them out and left them all a dull brown. Still, they held ... [Read More]