Five Podcasts that Have Served my Mind

About 6 months ago I discovered podcasts. I know, I'm a little late to the game in some respects. I'm not the only one, however. I find when I bring what I'm listening to up in conversation, many folks don't realize that their phone comes equipped with a podcasting app allowing them to listen to ... [Read More]

The Day my Spanx Failed Me

Two weeks ago, as I was getting dressed for church, I suffered a major Spanx malfunction. Not a tiny little hole. No, not tiny at all. Just as I managed to get the suckers up past my hips, my fingernail caught the belly panel just exactly wrong. The fabric containing my triple post-baby belly ... [Read More]

Some Fears Need to be Shared

As I walked around the room at the end of the VBS lesson about fears, I read the words the children wrote. That day we learned about taking our fears to God in prayer. Then we encouraged them to write something they were afraid of and draw pictures about it. Each time they looked at it, it served ... [Read More]

Mom? Why Are They All Men Up Front at Church?

“Mama? Why are they all men?” My daughter's innocent question came when the deacons and elders of our church were called to come pray over a beloved leader in our church at the end of the morning service. Her question was not loaded or argumentative, yet it drew out those things in me. I pus ... [Read More]

How I Found Myself in a Big Adventure I Never Planned

“ Would you like to go ahead and register for it?” My heart skipped a beat. Immediately stumbling right on into a black hole of what if’s. It was already Thursday afternoon. I didn't have that kind of money laying around. The class was two days, out of town, so there were the kids I’d need to coor ... [Read More]

The Life-Giving Joy of Standing in the Gap

I didn't know the young twenty-something woman choosing baptism that morning. I know most of our large church congregation. I even volunteer once a month to help new faces find places to connect in our church. This woman I had never met. She was joined by just a few family members there to ... [Read More]

My Life as a Recovering Legalist

Religious legalism dominated the first half of my life. The thing about legalism, you don't quite realize how deep your own goes when you first realize you might have a problem with it. Oh, you recognize the ugliness of it. When you first come out of it, you realize how woefully wrong you were. ... [Read More]

Finding Quiet in Chaos

“I am a morning person by nature. I love getting up before the sun. I love sitting quietly as the morning light begins to filter through the house. I'm my sharpest and most thoughtful in the mornings. For many years I've been able to get up before the family and enjoy this time. It was sacred. ‘My’ t ... [Read More]