The Finishing Touch

I am great at starting projects. I quickly map out a plan, get my supplies and I'm off! It’s usually about halfway through that I fully realize the investment I’ve made (whether an afternoon project or one that lasts a week+). And then I press on because it’s “too late to turn back now…” That was ... [Read More]

Looking for Truth in the Midst of the Mess

Under the cover of darkness, he pulled his pickup truck in to the dirt-packed construction site. His muscles strained as he maneuvered the boxed, Jacuzzi bathtub onto the tailgate and then to the bed of the truck. Securing the stolen property, he kept his headlights off until he reached the main ... [Read More]

The To Be List: Living Fully from Within

From the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning, I’m on the go. Being “Mommy” consumes much of my waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours. Then there’s my contract work, ministry commitments and the everyday stuff of life. My days are full of good things to be done, with a to-do list that seems n ... [Read More]

When God Uses Music to Move your Heart

There are many ways God speaks to us. Sometimes in a still small voice, and sometimes it feels like He’s shouting. And often, for me, He speaks through music. Often He speaks through music I was away this last weekend at a women’s leadership retreat when, given a few minutes to be by myself in ... [Read More]

What if Hoping Isn’t Healthy?

What if hoping isn't healthy? The question has been rolling around my brain the last few months. My husband and I started trying for another baby almost two years ago. Last fall we were excited to finally be told we were expecting. Heartbreakingly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage and again ... [Read More]

Confessions of a Recovering Blabbermouth

We purchased a new home a few weeks ago. We spent the first few days of home ownership refinishing the kitchen cabinets. I worked on them during the day, and my husband James joined me in the evenings. When we finished, we got in our separate vehicles and drove the 15 minutes back to our temporary ... [Read More]

Scared or Not, I’m Still Up For an Adventure

I love, love, love the idea of new experiences and am always up for an adventure. At least once a month I try to talk my husband into moving to Alaska or abroad for a year, just to experience a new way of life. When an acquaintance told me about her experience living in Abu Dhabi, I rushed home to ... [Read More]

Finding a Better Way to Do my Morning Routine

My day begins pretty much the same as every other day. This is my morning routine: Around 7am, give or take (usually more take then give), I’m woken by an adorable, yet demanding, three-year-old wanting a sippy cup of milk, breakfast and cartoons. Then I check my phone. Twenty minutes later, I pour s ... [Read More]