To the Fearless Girl Who Loves to Hustle

I find one of the most confusing passages in the Bible is John’s lecture on abiding in John 14. I understand the principle of abiding. But my tongue and brain usually get all twisted up in the reading. It feels like every other word is abide. Abide, abide, abide. The repetition makes my brain hurt! ... [Read More]

July Instagram Photo Challenge

I love summer. Until I'm done with the hot. And then I love fall. Until it gets cold. I love the stillness of winter. Until my toes freeze and feel like they'll fall off. I love spring. After the daffodils have finished blooming because I'm allergic to them. So really, I love all the seasons. ... [Read More]

The Isolation of Parenting Teens and Tweens

I’m a mentor in a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I love going into those meetings and hearing the woes of mothers of tiny people and being able to cheer them on, remind them what they’re doing matters, that it is a season, and all of the mothering years aren’t spent in complete and utter sleep ... [Read More]

7 Ways I Have Learned to Measure the Hard to Measure

Have you arrived? Have you learned everything you need to know in order to lead a successful life?  Yeah, right. I think the only people who would boldly answer this with a resounding yes are all the sassy tweens in this world. The rest of us know ... When I was a child, I thought that by the ... [Read More]

June Photo Challenge

Summer's here ... or at least it feels like it! School's out! Tis the season for adventuring! And while you're out there making amazing memories, don't forget to snap a picture or two and capture some unforgettable memories. Our June Photo Challenge is the perfect way to help you remember not ... [Read More]