When Rejoicing is Bittersweet

My favorite Christmas song is a very old carol ... "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel". Its haunting sorrowful tune reminds me that our greatest rejoicing is often entangled with sorrow. More than any other hymn, this one has the ability to make the hairs on my arms stand up at attention and causes tears ... [Read More]

November Daily Scripture Writing

November is here. And I've got our next to the last Daily Scripture Writing Plan. We'll be taking a look at yielding in the Bible. Most verses we'll be looking at talk about yielding our will to God. That's a tough one, right? I like to think I know a thing or two about how my life should work out, ... [Read More]

Why I’m not Afraid to Try to Understand God

Why I’m not afraid to try to understand God Have you ever been reading a story from the Old Testament, like maybe the story of Noah and the great flood and wondered “What in the world, even?” How does this God who wipes out an entire world reconcile with the statement “God is love”?  Because that lo ... [Read More]

September Photo Challenge

September is nearly here. Can you feel a little taste of fall in the air yet? I spied a few yellow leaves in my backyard just this morning! And do you know what this means? Prepare for the onslaught of all the pumpkin everythings! You know it's true, right? Every year about this time I say ... [Read More]

August Photo Challenge

It's time for the August Photo Challenge! Are you getting ready to send kids back to school? Or maybe you're finally getting out of the office for a family vacation. August is such a busy month as we try to squeeze all the last bits of goodness out of summer without getting too hot. And moms ... [Read More]