Life Has a Way of Getting in the Way of Living

I’m a sucker for 90’s chick flicks. So when a friend invited me over to avoid a normal day’s responsibilities, to make fancy food the kids won’t touch, and veg on the couch in between courses with the Runaway Bride, how could I resist? A problem with commitment In case you haven’t seen it the main ... [Read More]

Service as an Act of Gratitude

I have always enjoyed serving. As a child and through my college years my motivation behind serving centered around whether or not it made me feel good. It was less about the one I served and more about me. I helped in the nursery because I loved babies, I did service projects because I enjoyed the ... [Read More]

The Complexity and Simplicity of Grace

One of the best things about being in the military are the fun weekend marriage retreats. Last year my soldier and I went to a beautiful resort in Tucson, AZ, with a handful of his fellow soldiers and their spouses. Over the course of the weekend, the topic came up of things our significant others ... [Read More]

When Healing Doesn’t Come

I wrote a book about our journey through cancer and deployment, essentially about finding joy in the hard places of life. But let’s be honest, my husband returned, and my daughter is healthy today (nine year’s cancer free April second). My husband’s return and my daughter’s surgery did not end the st ... [Read More]

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait. This is a phrase familiar to every military household. The Army teaches us to be prepared for anything, to show up on time when asked, but to be flexible in the moment to the needs of the Army. It means we show up without a guarantee that this is the schedule, location or ... [Read More]

Loving the Unloveable

We've all had them. That person in our life who is difficult to love. Let's call them our crazy uncle (dear uncles if you are reading this know this is not about you, I promise). They create moments in life where loving is hard. Have you been there? Maybe a friend, a season, a relative? Eight ... [Read More]