In the Middle of Yielding Control

Last week I was listening to a beautiful song called “Remember Me as a Time of Day” by Explosions in the Sky and someone asked me what time of day I was. I said that I was the dark night of the soul. I recently texted three people that although God had been the anchor of my soul for as long as I cou ... [Read More]

Embracing the Present is Hard

Her somewhat toothless grin makes me giddy. I can’t help it. I just want to eat her up. I keep checking on her left top tooth. Her gum is swollen where the tooth will soon appear … at least I think it will be soon, it seems it’s been on it’s way in for a long time. A couple times a day I ask her t ... [Read More]

Mama, Did You Know God is Always Holding Your Hand?

It was a cold, clear autumn day. A few leaves still clung to the trees as a chilly wind whipped them this way and that. They had been shades of bright orange, red and yellow just a few days before. The almost constant wind and cold had dried them out and left them all a dull brown. Still, they held ... [Read More]

When Compassion is Hard

Have you seen the article floating around Facebook about the woman who helped a man who pooped in a grocery store? I think it happened in my town, y’all. I’m not kidding. I am member of a neighborhood group page. Some time ago, someone posted about a person who had an accident at the local Kro ... [Read More]

What I Learned While I Served Silently

Two years ago, I began serving inside a juvenile detention center, (after being vetted through references and finger-printed, photographed and LIVE SCANNED at the Sheriff’s Office), because I want the kids who come for Friday night church to know God sees them and God hears them. I want to say, “ ... [Read More]

On Being Single and Serving

Sometimes it’s hard being single in a world that places value on being in a relationship, even in Christian circles. How do you learn to serve and keep your eyes on God even when the greatest desire of your heart goes unanswered year after year after year? This was just one of the many things t ... [Read More]

Learning to See God Is Bigger Still

August has arrived, my friends, and with it comes the annual game of tug-o-war in my heart. Part of me longs to hold onto the slower summer days when my family doesn’t live and breathe by the calendar app on my phone. I want to stay up late watching movies with the kids and enjoy an hour or two of r ... [Read More]