How I’m Learning to Be a Peacemaker

If you were to ask me what the one thing is I seek lately, my answer would be peace. Internally, the past year has seen me struggle with faith, relationships, my past and my identity. I'm sure some would call this a "mid-life crisis" and perhaps they would be right. All I know is, there are periods ... [Read More]

How to Believe We Are Good

Remember last year when I ran a half marathon? I haven’t done much running since then. I’ve been trying to figure out why, and, finally, I may have hit upon the reason. I’m not very good at running. When I wrote about running, which I did for weeks during my training, I wrote about how it didn’ ... [Read More]

When Shame Is Your Prison

Six years ago I was forced out of my congregation and asked not to return. I won't say more about it in this blog because that event is the genesis of the rest of my story, some of which I am sharing here. I've been studying, reading, and thinking about belonging lately, and the ways shame gets in ... [Read More]

Healing a Sin Sick Soul

I've been working the steps since January. If you've ever been in a 12-step program, you know exactly what I mean. I failed to realize being part of a team of leaders for my congregation's community care ministry would mean working through the steps myself (which in hindsight is terribly ... [Read More]

It’s Okay if You Don’t Like Me

I often confess to being a people pleaser. It recently occurred to me this may not be entirely true. I’m not actually a people pleaser, what I really want is for everyone to like me, even if (more like when) I am not pleasing or compliant. This is the most honest truth: I want people to like me, t ... [Read More]