Learning to be a Good Wife

I've been enjoying a fabulous marriage for a whole two years. They have been packed with illness, deaths in the family, divisions between loved ones, drama, chaos, 90-hour work weeks, children under foot, never enough money ... Basically, all of the stressors that cause marriages to tank. QUICKLY ... [Read More]

Couple’s Therapy with God

So for about three weeks now, my relationship with God has been in the repair shop. It's not a major fix like a broken transmission or blown out engine. Nor like Jacob wrestling with God. (Although I've been there too.) It was more like couples counseling. You married peeps understand this. I sat ... [Read More]

Allowing God to Polish my Heart

A few weeks ago, I hit my tooth while singing on a microphone. My front tooth. I didn't think anything of it until I flossed and felt a rough place. Ugh. One thousand and forty thoughts when through my head ... I can't afford to fix this right now. How could I have done this to my FRONT tooth? ... [Read More]

Maybe a Little Procrastination is OK

I've got to say "finishing" is the last topic about which I should write. When writing blogs, I get about 75% done and just stop. It's not that I don't finish things I start, but I like to procrastinate the process just a little. I don't like to see things come to an end. I like the process and I ... [Read More]

Hiding my Inner Human

Often as a service to others, I try to be Wonder Woman and hide my inner human. My inner human vs. Wonder Woman My inner human can be quite a force to reckon with. She is selfish and shy. Quick-tempered and obstinate. She generally feels out of control and wants to stay in pajamas all day. She ... [Read More]

Letting Jesus Spill into your Serving

Every Sunday and Wednesday I serve in the children's ministry. There is no "swapping weeks" with anyone. We don't miss unless we just have to. Every. Single. Week. And I love it, but we often get asked how we don't just burn out. And the honest answer is that we do. And that's OK. We are ... [Read More]

Being the Tooth Fairy is my Main Mom Gig

So, I'll be honest with y'all. I have one single mothering skill completely mastered ... Being the tooth fairy. THIS, my friends, is my main gig. My main gig is the tooth fairy. The first time the tooth fairy came, she built a little gurney-like contraption to move the tooth box because it ... [Read More]