Why We Should Stop Waiting for a Crisis to Run to God

When my roly-poly beagle flipped over for a belly rub, I noticed she had a suspicious lump. I reached down to touch it and it turned out to be a rather large hard mass. I panicked a little and immediately called the vet. Within hours, she was in to see her doc and given a semi-clean bill of health. ... [Read More]

Praying the miles, Part 2

Praying the miles, Part 1 As I crossed the finish line of my 1,000 Miles Challenge -- a full six months later than I planned for it to take -- I tried to smile, to be happy about my accomplishment, but the truth is, I was just heavy. Weighed down from loss that had just hit our own family, along ... [Read More]

This side of healing

We were heading out for a late lunch — me, my son, and his wife — before a night out at a concert, when the conversation turned to hard things. My son mentioned something he thought I knew about, a little piece of a story that was almost 20 years old. Despite its age, this news, it came rushing at me ... [Read More]

Sharing stories over coffee and tears

We sit in our little square of four, the rich smells of coffee and the boisterous comings and goings of morning life filling our senses. In our own little ways, we each store away the details for later use in whatever we are currently writing. We lean in close to share from the different pieces of ... [Read More]

Do you pray to delay?

Confession: Sometimes I come to a screeching halt as I realize I just said the words, “Let me pray on it,” when what I really mean is, “I don’t know and I need time to figure it out and I will probably completely forget that I meant to pray about it, so when you ask me again, I’ll give you an answer ... [Read More]

For when you just. can’t. even.

The alarm went off at 5 and I reset it for an hour later. Then I hit snooze at 6. The time change was hitting me hard, but I was already in a … place. Brushing my teeth later, I pushed my bangs off my forehead and smeared toothpaste right across the top of my freshly washed tresses. And then, as ... [Read More]

Focus: Less is More

Over lunch with my husband on the last day of 2014, I pulled out my new goals journal. The cover is purple with butterflies, and it speaks volumes to me and for me. When I saw it, I had to have it, even though I really, really, REALLY did not NEED a new journal. But the color purple is hugely ... [Read More]

What seems to be the problem?

My dreams have been messed up lately, full of emotion and weirdness. I wake up frequently, almost as if in an attempt to reset the scenes playing out. I’m carrying three really hard stories right now. None are mine, but I am on a journey with the people they do belong to. It’s heavy and complicated a ... [Read More]

When it feels like God has betrayed you

“Do you ever get mad at God?” One of my closest friends was writing a book about anger at God, specifically when good Christian girls find themselves angry at Him. “I don’t think so,” I said. “I guess not.” But the truth is, I didn’t yet know. I had no idea how much anger I was carrying arou ... [Read More]

A savior born unto us, and it’s not me

Seventeen years ago this week, I cried over my (ex)husband’s casket, my hand on his chest, no heartbeat or life left in his body. I apologized to him that I couldn’t save him, that I couldn’t love him enough to make him change, that I couldn’t make myself stay with him any longer. I carried the burde ... [Read More]