About Middle Places

Why Middle Places?

I mean really? Where did that even come from?

Whether you are wandering around in the middle of nowhere, awake in the middle of the night, hanging out in the middle of the road, or stuck in the middle of the crowd, chances are you are smack dab in the middle of something right now. Just like us. These are our middle places.

Hi! I’m Maria and I’m so glad you found your way to Middle Places!

Maria's Headshot 2I founded Middle Places several years ago to be a place to connect the stories of women and our faith. Over that time I have found that the greatest instances of growth in my faith life were connected to stories, whether they were a giant plot twist in my own life or something that I connected with in someone else’s story. As a collaborative blog, we’re able to bring many different voices and perspectives and a wide variety of stories to the table.

Jesus modeled storytelling as a way of connecting our faith to tangible, concrete ideas to help us better grasp the concepts He was teaching. So I think there’s probably a great amount of merit to be found in sharing our stories.

As I became firmly entrenched in these middle years, I realized the internet was crowded full of young mommy bloggers but the mid 30-40 something years old voice was much more quiet. We hold our stories close because we are so vested and entrenched in them, but we have no idea what the outcome might be. We’re still right in the middle of our stories.

Can I tell you how to be a perfect parent in 5 easy steps? Are you kidding me?! I’m a mother to a teen and a tween and I have no clue how my kids are going to turn out. I’m quite hopeful, but there’s only so much a momma can do. So you probably won’t find a whole lot of parenting advice here. What you will find are stories about how parenting during these middle years is changing us. Because the women who blog here can definitely speak to that. Nothing in my life has been as humbling or taught me about love in such a mighty way as becoming a parent.

Can I tell you how to have a marriage that will last a lifetime? Not for certain. Because I’m only nineteen years in. But I can tell you how being married has made me learn to put someone else’s needs above my own, and I can tell you stories of how my husband and I have weathered some hard times.

So if you’re here at Middle Places looking for black and white answers to all of life’s problems, you won’t find them. And that’s okay. We’re in the middle and sometimes that means sitting in a place of uncertainty, wrestling with doubts, or trying to stay afloat when there’s no shore in sight. But we’re not alone. And there is more than enough grace for all of us.

Welcome to the middle!