Have You Found Your Sweet Spot in Ministry?

I’m passionate about finding a sweet spot in ministry. Knowing and understanding my calling in God’s Kingdom is something I value immensely.

I share often about the joy I’ve found in serving since discovering mine.  The main reason I’m so passionate about it is because I see so many people who view their opportunities to participate in ministry as a duty, rather than the gift that it is.

If you’re plugged into the wrong ministry
it’s no wonder you feel that way.

I spent years doing things like leading in AWANA, teaching children in VBS, and working in the nursery. Now don’t get me wrong … I love sniffing on sweet baby heads, and I believe in the importance of teaching children about Jesus in church. Those are both necessary and important ministries. But I am not the one who is supposed to be doing those things now. I did those things to fill a spot or meet a need or because I felt called to do them at the time.

Have you found your sweet spot in ministry? It's the one that fills you up when you serve, rather than leaving you drained and used up. It's the place where you find joy in serving others. And you don't want to miss it.

Is it wrong to step in and accept those positions if they are outside of your gifts, talents and calling? I have to say I think there is a time and place that this is absolutely the correct response if you are part of a local church. But I don’t think it is a long-term solution.


When you are operating outside of your spiritual gifts and talents you become drained. When you’re drained spiritually it’s easy to become cynical, to find excuses to leave your church, to create an atmosphere of discontent and gossip, and many other things which leave you a liability rather than an asset to whatever ministry you serve.

And let’s take it one step further. Have you ever considered you could be keeping someone else from stepping in to serve in their sweet spot if you’re on your 15th year of teaching Sunday School because they needed somebody—anybody–and then you just never re-evaluated if you were filling a spot or serving out a calling? The right reason to serve in a long-term capacity in a ministry should never be “They needed help and no one else would do it.” The right reasons should include prayer, consideration of your spiritual gifts and your talents and your personality.

The minute you plug into your sweet spot in ministry, serving becomes a joy rather than a drudgery. When you are operating within your calling,  it’s easier to accept God’s identifiers of you rather than the world’s. And that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It can still be challenging and exciting!

I read a quote from the She Speaks conference held just recently that went something like this:

Your calling has a sweet spot, but your sweet spot is not the entirety of your calling. Your calling will involve things that don’t come naturally to you.

As I currently serve in what I most definitely consider my sweet spot, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. And I’m thankful it rings true in my life. Certain things about the ministries I serve in stretch me, but I always look forward to the next opportunity to serve in the ministries I’ve been called to.  Sometimes I to pretend to be an extrovert in ministry, sometimes I have to be super organized … both of which push me outside of my comfort zone.

I’m also learning to hold onto this sweet spot of serving in ministry loosely. Because I see how much I’ve changed in the last five years. I hope I’ll continue to let Jesus do more of that in my life.  And that means I need to be willing to adapt in service opportunities as well.

Have you found your sweet spot in ministry? Or are you just filling a spot, being a warm body? Does serving in ministry fill you up or leave you feeling wiped out? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. Or maybe it’s time to breathe a quick “Thank you, Jesus” if you’ve found your spot.

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Have you found your sweet spot in ministry? It's the one that fills you up when you serve, rather than leaving you drained and used up. It's the place where you find joy in serving others. And you don't want to miss it.

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  • Marisa Ulrich

    Good points there! I am definitely finding the having to pretend to be an extrovert as things proceed with selling my book-but, it’s good. I am realizing He has equipped me with things to say and truths to share that are ministering to others. So…think I am beginning to find my spot after all these years.:)

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