What’s your type? (Your book type, that is.)

We all have a type.

Inexplicably, something calls to our souls and connects. It is mysterious and ethereal, this connection speaking to the heart, whispering, I understand. I get you. Just to clarify, I’m not talking men here, but books. There is something incredibly intimate when we read a good book, and our heart screams, “Me too! You get it! I am not alone.” Books call us out and push us forward. They give life to our souls.

I’m not able to pinpoint when my love affair with books formed. But I do know I was young when my voracious appetite for reading began. I remember escaping into a different world with Anne of Green Gables or Little House in the Big Woods or the All-of-a-Kind Family. Transported to a different time, country or culture, books opened a new world of possibility.


As I grew older my love for reading fostered my love for learning – just about anything. (With the notable exception of math, then again math didn’t weave new, magical worlds with words.)

We all have a genre of book we love. Mine happens to be fiction. Give me it in almost any form: historical, hysterical, poignant, memoir-like, mystery. If it happens along my path, I read it. My reading personality mirrors my living personality: eclectic. A few good fiction books, some chocolate and a cozy location equal my favorite type of weekend.

While I own a Kindle, and it comes in very handy on trips because I don’t have to cart several books, I still adore physical books. I own my favorite books. Maybe they own me. More than a few of them have pages falling out, but it is hard to part with them. A good book becomes my friend, and you don’t just throw out a friend. I still own my very first Bible, a tiny New Testament with a picture of Jesus calling Peter from the fishing boats on the cover. I treasured that little Bible. It is where I first encountered and fell in love with poetry from the heart of the Psalms. Feeling the cover and smelling the pages matters almost as much as the reading.

On my first visit to New York City, I requested a stop at their main library, the one with the lion statues out front. It is only a resource library now, but I just sat on a wood bench, softened with the years of other bodies sitting and reading on it. And I breathed in deeply the musty air of a building full of old papers sewn together to share stories and worlds and information with each generation.

Tyndale Rewards

Tyndale offers us the opportunity to build our own libraries and fosters our love of reading. They began a rewards program, and I know you are thinking, another rewards program and probably are already checking out. But their program is different. You don’t have to pay money to get a small discount. You actually earn free books and Bibles. It is easy to do a variety of different things (like reading a chapter of a book and taking a quiz) to earn points. Those points earn you free books and Bibles. And bonus, you learn about new books hitting the market. Knowing about new books in my genre that are clean and inspiring matters to me. I am always on the lookout for a new book to read.

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And who can deny how nice it is to receive a birthday present? I love birthday presents, and Tyndale Rewards rewards us on our special day. If you love to read and also love earning free books or Bibles, check out the Tyndale Rewards program. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised just like I was. Click here to start off with 25 points:

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We all have a type ... a book type, that is. And whether you like romance novels or memoirs or you just love to peel apart the pages of a brand new Bible, Tyndale Rewards is here to help you earn free books and Bibles, all from a source you can trust for your family.

Mikkee Hall

Mikkee Hall

Mikkee Hall is a freelance writer and editor living in Denver via Washington DC. She is a traveler at heart, looking for adventures that she can plan. You can follow along on her adventures at mikkeehall.com.
Mikkee Hall

About Mikkee Hall

Mikkee Hall is a freelance writer and editor living in Denver via Washington DC. She is a traveler at heart, looking for adventures that she can plan. You can follow along on her adventures at mikkeehall.com.

  • Love Tyndale Rewards. I’ve gotten a number of free books through them. I also wanted to let you know they have math books now for people like us 🙂 My son is an avid reader and we found some books called Life of Fred that teach him math through a story. Thought you might find them interesting.

    • I love the Life of Fred Books! My daughter finished all the way through Geometry with Life of Fred and she adored them. The stories were so fun.