When You Feel Like God Misled You


God misled me.

And He lost my trust.

Starting at age 16, I knew I was created to be a missionary. Once, on a flight with violent turbulence, I actually thought, God won’t let this plane go down, because He needs me to do His work.

It sounds so arrogant now, but at the time it felt incredibly faith-filled.

Twenty years have passed since my original calling and not only am I not living in a hut leading people to Jesus, I just test drove my first minivan. I’m “just” a regular old stay-at-home mom with a dishwasher and attached garage.

From 2005 to 2010, I lived in northwest China, intending to be there forever – even if it meant being single. But God’s narrative looked much different from what I had planned for myself. He had me fall in love with an actor in Chicago who, while open to God’s leading, was not “called to missions.”  But this man was God’s pick for me. And it was time to go home.

If you’ve ever lived abroad, then you know your insides feel about like the innards of a baseball as you try and untangle your values, identity and worth as you readapt to a culture that should feel like home, but doesn’t. Now referred to as re-entry, it is synonymous with an astronaut re-entering Earth after adapting to space.

Imagine Alice returning from the Looking Glass or Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stepping back out of the wardrobe or Dorothy returning from Oz and you have a bit of a picture of how you might feel after adapting to another culture.

But add falling in love with that country, culture and people, and you have another layer to step through.

And it broke me. Shattered-dreams broken. Body-wracking sobs broken. Have you ever found yourself on one trajectory you believed with all your heart was God’s will only to find you were dead wrong? It’s humbling to discover that not only can you not read God’s mind, but you are not God.

So through the past six years of re-entry, getting married and quickly having children, I have been hovering under the healing umbrella. I’ve been fighting to see my way in the misty weather all around me that used to seem so sunny and clear.

God has had to do a lot of reminding me about who He is:

That He’s loving and good.
That He is in control.
That He is not purposely being elusive.

And about His feelings towards me:

That I am not “less than” because I am “ordinary.”
That I am called to intimacy with Him first.
That I am enough.

Through these years of confusion, there is only one place where I feel stable and secure. Only one place where I feel at rest and at home. It is clinging to Him as a drowning cat clings to a rock in the storm.

God-willing, life is long and full of multiple chapters. I am learning to allow change to happen and not try and stay in a chapter longer than God intended. I know now God did not mislead me, but He took me to China for a finite amount of time until He led me away and into marriage with an incredible man. China and “my calling” had become a bit of an idol for me and God in His grace wanted to pry away my grip.

And He has given me joy in all that never would have been had I stubbornly clung to my own vision for my life. Two tow-headed babies with magical laughs. A husband who is my best friend. And new and unexpected ways to use my love of other cultures.

God likes to keep us guessing. He wants us straining to hear His voice in the moment and not just ride on what He’s told us in the past. He wants us listening. And He feeds our souls in ways that prove that He is always trustworthy, even when we are standing with our umbrellas, waiting to see our way.

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Leslie VernerLeslie Verner is a goer who is learning how to stay. A wife, mama of two, former teacher, student of cultures, runner, extrovert (with introvert tendencies) and lover of Jesus. She has her BA in elementary education and MA in intercultural studies. She has traveled all over the world and lived in northwest China for five years before God u-turned her life and brought her back to the US to get married. She blogs regularly about faith, family and cross-cultural issues at www.scrapingraisins.blogspot.com and recently completed the series 31 Days of Re-Entry. Follow her on Twitter at Scraping Raisins@leslie_verner and on Facebook as Leslie Verner.



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  • This blessed me. I never got to live overseas. But despite that, you seem to have written my story. I think I might be older than you, and I still struggle with it. I guess God is still prying and I am still trying to hold on. His timing is impeccable (of course) as I needed this today.

  • Beth Cranford

    I wanted to let you know what this article means to me but honestly, I’m still not sure. You’ve stirred something in me that I have to sort out through prayer. I’ve never had a sense of “mission” or like I was called to do a particular thing, so I can’t really identify with that. But maybe not ever feeling called feels similar to being “sent home” from your calling. I don’t know. It seems that every time I get a hint of having found a “place,” a “purpose,” a “mission”, I’m quickly shown that I am not at all equipped for that calling. (But I have so admit that it is not God who has failed to equip but me who has failed to become.) I’d be perfectly satisfied with being “ordinary” except that I don’t even do ordinary very well!
    Anyway, no need to burden you with all of that. I just wanted to say thanks, and that your thoughts are a blessing.

    • I think we’re all somewhere in the messy middle, right? But I do believe that there is a danger in having a hierarchy of calls that makes the “uncalled” feel somehow “less than.” We are ALL called. Our first call is to know the God-man Jesus, listen for His voice, and go where He leads. And it’s much more of a step-by-step journey than we’d like. I’m still trying to grasp that we can be called to a task or role for a season, but that our calling should never define us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And I’m sure God is using you in more ways than you’ll ever know. 😉

  • Robin Pack

    It is so difficult for us when we realize that we were believing our ways were God’s way. I know this truth all too well. It has been a process for me to realize that God does know best, not me. Thank you for sharing!

    • Robin, I think you’re right that I believed that my way MUST be God’s way. It was so holy and good, so how could it not be?;-) But God is so gracious to care more about our hearts than about all that we try and “do” for Him. Now I can say that I’m thankful that God brought me back to remind me that my calling is always to Jesus Christ first.