May Photo Challenge


May is the month of green and growing things, of life fully bloomed and the promise of the summer. It’s the month when gardens start growing like crazy and the beginning of weekly lawn care. I love May.

Here at Middle Places during the month of May we’re going to be exploring the topic of growing. I’ve been peeking ahead at some of the blog posts scheduled during the month and you’re not going to want to miss any of them!

So grab your phone or your camera and let’s document a month of growing together … both the growing of yourself and the growing of the world around you.

Then save the photo below or sign up for the Members’ Resource library to nab the photo perfectly sized to use as a lockscreen on your phone for a reminder.

May Photo Challenge

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #middleplaces to engage with the community!


Need a hint? Here’s a few:

  1. Nature: Head outdoors and snap a pic. #nature #naturephotography
  2. Tall: Let’s play compare and contrast. Find something tall today. #tall #perspectiveporn
  3. Short: Now find something short. #short #lookingdown
  4. Birthday: Somewhere there’s a birthday waiting to be shared. Or you can dig for an old pic! #birthday #celebrate
  5. Gift: What was the last gift you received (or gave yourself!)? #gift #gifts
  6. Water: 8 glasses a day! Or maybe snap a pic of the ocean if you’re lucky enough to live beside it. #water
  7. Plant: Got any pretty green things growing in your home or yard? #plant #garden
  8. Mother: It’s Mother’s Day. Celebrate one of the special mothers in your life. #mother #mom
  9. Garden: Do you have a garden? Or a small collection of plants? #garden
  10. School: That place you learn? Or your kids. Snap a pic of it. #school #learn
  11. Green: What’s your favorite kind of green? #green
  12. Big: Is it a big day? Or do you drive a big car? #big
  13. Small: What fits in your hand? Or do you have a favorite tiny person? #small
  14. Young: At 41 I’d like to think I’m young…¬†#40isthenew20
  15. Old: But some days I feel old. #thisis40
  16. In the middle: It’s exactly the middle of the month. What are you in the middle of? #inthemiddle
  17. Something to eat: Healthy or junk … show us what’s on your plate. #food
  18. Something to drink: I’m trying hard to drink more water! What’s in your cup? #coffee #water #inmycup
  19. Heart: It keeps us alive. It fuels our passions and dreams. What’s on your heart today? #heart #inspired
  20. Favorite book: A favorite book is like a dear old friend. Snap a pic of yours and share it with us. #book #amreading
  21. Inspiration: What inspires you? A favorite quote? A thinking spot? #quote #inspire #inspired
  22. Healthy: You’re awake. You’re alive. And every day you get to choose to make healthy choices. #healthy
  23. Alive: Did you open your eyes this morning and breathe? Yay! You’re alive! Show us what alive looks like. #alive
  24. Relax: Take a minute and put up your feet and breathe deeply. Relax. Show us how you do it. #relax
  25. Motto: Do you have a favorite motto? Share it with us!
  26. Plan: Every day I need a plan. Do you have a plan? #plan #planner #plannerlove
  27. Where you stand: What’s around you? Snap a pic and share it with us. #whereistand #perspective
  28. Growing: Your children, a plant, you? What’s growing in your life?
  29. Landscape: Sometimes we need to be reminded to see the bigger picture. #landscape #horizon
  30. Something to learn: What do you want to know more about? #learning
  31. Life: There must be life to grow. Show us what your life looks like. Are there messy floors? Me, too. #life

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