May Daily Scripture Writing

I love following a theme through the Bible, studying a train of thought or an idea and finding all of the threads woven through the stories on its many pages. It always gives me new perspective on something I thought I had a pretty good grapple on. The May daily scripture writing plan promises to do just that for us as we dive in to look at the theme of growing.

Every spring I get all excited about my garden and the bounteous harvest I anticipate. It’s never turned out quite that way, but I still anticipate the process. But then as I bend over my little square foot garden beds and dig and add in new compost and pull out weeds, I remember what backbreaking work it is. There’s so much preparation that has to be done before the first seed can even be dropped into that rich dark dirt so that it can start growing.

I think the same could be said about growing spiritually. So much needs to be tended to, cared for, and restored before we can get to the actual growing sometimes. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got weeds … weeds like pride, prejudice and fear. Sometimes I find them in the most unexpected places. I know they need to be unearthed so that I can grow in other areas of my life.

And that’s just one little part of the growing process.

So during the month of May at Middle Places we’ll be exploring this idea of growing and all that entails in the Bible. The plan is structured in a very specific and intentional way. On Sundays we’ll pull our scriptures from the Psalms. On alternating weeks we’ll look at passages that are your “fighting verses” or verses to help equip you as a Christian. The weeks in between will be passages about stories of growth. You know how much we love stories here at Middle Places and stories from the Bible are at the top of that list.

I would like to encourage you to add a title or note when you journal your passages, whether it’s just pulling the title from your Bible or creating one of your own. Make your journal or notebook a resource that you can flip through when you’re having a hard day. Make it a tool of growth.

Then, join the Middle Places community group on Facebook to be a part of the daily conversation about the daily scripture writing passage for that day. We have some great conversations in that group about these passages (and about a lot of other stuff, too-both the serious and the fun). You’ll get the inside perspective on why a passage was chosen for that day.

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To access the long plan simply click the button below. It’s free to all of our readers! To download the short plan and the phone wallpaper for quick reference, you’ll need to visit our Member Resource Library. If you’re not already a member, you can subscribe using the form below. Then follow the instructions in the welcome email to access the library. If, during the signup process you have a question, simply hit reply on the first email you receive and you’ll be contacted shortly by Maria.

We’re so glad to have you join us in the daily practice of writing passages from the Bible. We hope it helps your relationship with Jesus grow!

Join the Middle Places community in the May Daily Scripture Writing Plan as we explore the theme of growing throughout the Bible!

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