The 10 Not-So-Easy Steps to Moving


Spring is in the air. The snow is (maybe?) starting to melt and warmer weather will soon be on its way. You feel ready to sing and dance. But then you remember we are heading into prime moving season. I’m using these 10 not-so-easy steps to get a head start on the craziness known as packing to move.

Not moving? We’ll call it your boot camp Spring Cleaning plan!

  1. Pour yourself a large, caffeinated beverage. No really, this is a crucial step in finding the energy to deal with the boxes that have been sitting in your basement for the last 5-50+ years.
  2. Cruise Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter, and Pinterest to:
    • Solicit boxes
    • Browse for the best packing tips
    • Decide which of the 50 #1 tips for moving you will incorporate into your packing plan
    • Check out the latest selfies of your 400 closest friends.
  3. Jump in the car and head out to purchase an assortment of fun-colored packing tape, stickers, sticky notes, Ziploc bags, trash bags, storage tubs, moving boxes, markers and notepads to put your packing plan into action. While out, purchase another caffeinated beverage. You’ll thank me later.
  4. With extra boxes in hand and a plan in place, open the first stored box and start sorting. When you come across the bazillion, awkward high school pictures, refuse the urge to start posting them on social media. Again, you’ll thank me later. In fact, stop sorting and just seal that box up good and tight.DanceTeam
  1. You’ve worked hard so it’s time to take a break. While you rest, encourage your children to help with the move by packing up their toys themselves. Because really, if a few toys get broken would that be such a bad thing? Remind them not to pack each other.
  2. While you’re thinking of things to start packing up, don’t forget to empty the freezer: a whole roasted turkey for dinner on a random Tuesday – why not? Thaw that baby out and cook it up.
  3. The experts – aka women who have moved multiple times – suggest packing all your hanging clothes in trash bags. Just don’t accidentally throw those trash bags out. Your husband may not find having to replace your entire wardrobe a valid moving expense. Lesson learned.
  4. Speaking of the love of your life, just because he’s a grown man don’t think throwing out his airplane model collection, GI Joes or remote controlled cars is a means to downsizing. We’ll just leave it at that.
  5. When you get about halfway through cleaning out and packing, throw in the towel and just shove, stuff and squeeze whatever else needs packed into boxes. Get your kids to sit on the box while you try and tape it shut with your colorful tape. Better yet, give it away. You’ve always dreamed of the minimalistic lifestyle anyways.
  6. Aren’t you glad you had all that caffeine now? Time to sit down to that turkey dinner (on the floor, using paper plates and cups and plastic utensils, ‘cause everything else is packed).

Bon appétit and happy packing!


Moving can be such a pain! These 10 steps to moving keep it real and provide a dose of humor that made moving a little more tolerable. Because sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. And coffee. Don't forget the coffee.

Rachel Oliver
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Rachel Oliver

Rachel Oliver is mommy to one sweetheart of a girl and loved by a fabulous guy. Fueled by good chocolate {dark!}, good discussion and Diet Mountain Dew, she spends her days focused on family and encouraging others in the journey of motherhood.
Rachel Oliver
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  • From one who has moved more than I would have liked and will move again in a few years, I like your style! Great Monday read.

    • Rachel Oliver

      Thanks Debby!! 🙂

  • Sasha Maples Johns

    That’s about how I moved last time….I feel ya!

    • Rachel Oliver

      Glad I’m not alone in this!

  • sanlass

    After many moves, one more suggestion…cruise craigslist and hire someone to pack it. And drink the caffeinated beverage while you watch…er, supervise. Then put off the sorting until you unpack. After all, you may need all that stuff at the new place.

    • Rachel Oliver

      Love it! Great suggestion — “Supervising.” 🙂