April Photo Challenge


We’re already a quarter of the way through the year and spring is in full swing! Can you believe it?!!

I’m personally looking forward to beach trips, baseball games, hanging out in my hammock and digging in the dirt. I love spring!

As the earth comes to life and the days get longer, I find myself pulling out my phone to snap pics more often. Winter was long. And dark. I’m tired of taking photos of my sad little self, bundled up and sipping coffee. I’m ready to be outside!

I bet you are, too!

Grab your phone, or if you’re serious, your actual camera, and join us for a month of memory making. Here at Middle Places we love a good story, and photography is one of the most powerful ways to capture a story and preserve it for years to come. That’s why we have a monthly photo challenge for our tribe!

As we launch into our theme of Healing, you’ll see little reminders or evidences of it woven into our photo challenge (along with the important stuff like food and throwbacks and snuggly little people or animals).

So without further ado … You know what to do! Screen-grab the graphic, and then ‘gram it! And don’t forget to hashtag it #middleplaces.


Need a hint? I’ve got a few:

  1. #SorryNotSorry – Hey! Even grown-ups get to prank once in awhile, right? Happy April Fools Day!
  2. Soft – One of my favorite soft things are kitty cats who curl up in my lap late at night. How about you?
  3. Good enough – As a recovering perfectionist I’ve found healing in for my by learning the value of “Good Enough.”
  4. Cuddle – There’s so much power in a gentle touch from a loved one or a sweet pet.
  5. Hobby – One of the ways we can find healing is by finding pastimes that we enjoy, that feed our soul.
  6. Healthy – Make a healthy choice today and share it with our #middleplaces tribe!
  7. Four things – It’s randomness, right? Any four will do. And if you can tie them together, even better.
  8. A Place – Where did you go today? Or maybe you just hung out at home. Show us a place.
  9. Worn – Some of the best things show considerable wear, but it doesn’t take away from their value
  10. Rest – You might not want to admit it, but we all need a day of rest.
  11. Reading this – I find reading to be so cathartic! What’s on your reading list?
  12. Motivation – I often lose mine. For days or weeks at a time. What’s motivating you today?
  13. Favorite color – What color are you most drawn to?
  14. Younger you – Go on and throw it back! Show us a younger you! Got a pic of some fabulous ’80’s hair, because I want to see that!
  15. Flower – They should be popping up all over the place. Share a pic of a flower today!
  16. Dig in – Whether you’re out in your garden playing in the dirt or tucking in to fabulous dinner, show us how you dig in!
  17. Portrait – Go on and snap a picture/portrait of someone you love. Or maybe do a self-portrait!
  18. Bright – Don’t you just love the bright colors of spring? Get outside and snap a photo or two!
  19. Nature – What’s your favorite spring flower? Or maybe you just love the smell of freshly cut grass.
  20. On my plate – What’s for Breakfast? Show us your plate!
  21. Looking down – Got a cute pair of shoes? Are maybe a sweet little pair of eyes looking up at you?
  22. Soak up the sun – Boost your vitamin D! I give you permission to just bask in the sunlight for a few minutes.
  23. Put your feet up – We all need some rest once in awhile. It’s good for our bodies!
  24. So sweet – Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, right?
  25. Beautiful – Even in our most broken places there’s beauty to be found!
  26. In hand – Well?! What’s in your hand today?
  27. Chore – What’s that thing you have to do today?
  28. New – Sometimes a girl just needs a new perspective (or maybe a new purse?).
  29. Grateful – Sometimes the best thing we can do is to be grateful for what we DO have.
  30. Real Life – Not the pin-worthy instagrammable stuff of life, but the grit. Show us what ya’ got!

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