April Scripture Writing Plan: Healing

Whether you're looking for something to give you a plan for your Bible Journaling or you want to take the time to physically write passages from the Bible, this is a great monthly plan! New ones are released each month with a broad variety of scripture following a theme through the Bible.

You’ll get to hear from me more about our theme of being “In the Middle of Healing” during the month of April, but I couldn’t help sharing a little bit about it as we launch our April daily scripture writing plan.

The idea of exploring healing sounded so full of hope when I set out to plan blog posts and such for the month of April. But when it came down to it, healing is hard. It means being still, involves waiting for indeterminate amounts of time, making choices that nourish and strengthen our bodies and is generally indicative of being sick, wounded or broken in some way. And that isn’t at all pleasant to dwell on.

As we explore some of the scriptures focused around healing this month, I pray you will find them to be full of hope rather than weighing you down with how far you have yet to go.

Something that stood out to me as I looked at words like broken or wounded is that we have almost glamorized the idea of being broken and messy. And while it’s definitely true that we are both broken and messy, it’s also important to realize that God never intended for us to revel in that state, but to claim the healing that He provides for us, to do the hard work, to put in the time, to surrender our timeline for His.

I love that we have a God who isn’t satisfied to leave us in our messy state!

We’ve set the plan up similarly to last month’s plan. You’ll find that we are back in the Psalms on Sundays, and then have alternating weeks of stories in the Bible about healing and weeks of what I like to call trigger verses. You might also know them as “War Room” verses. They’re verses that I like to commit to memory or have placed on note cards where I can see them and be reminded to lay hold to truth when I need it most.

The longer plan is available by clicking the link below. The condensed version of the plan and the long plan are both available in our Members’ Resource Library (You can sign up below if you’re not already a member!). And watch for a set of cards with those trigger verses to show up in the resource library in a few days!


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  • Amynta

    I cannot seem to find the link to the short version even after signing up for the member resource page. I’m confused. Someone point the way! Loved this last month.

    • Just click on our Member’s Resource Library with the password that came to your inbox. If you need help, feel free to hit reply to the email and I’ll be glad to help you. http://middleplaces.com/goodies-for-you/

      • Amynta

        Hmmm…I got a subscription confirmation, but a code wasn’t there or emailed later.

        • Please feel free to reply to the subscription confirmation email and I will send you the info. The welcome email likely went to your spam or other folder.