March Photo Challenge


March is nearly here! Will it come in like a lamb or a lion this year? I wouldn’t mind the lion, just so we could have a lovely ending to the month.

March is my favorite month of the year! Except for the daffodils because my body hates them. So please don’t send me any. But I love everything else about March. All the fun of St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, spring cleaning, Easter, and let’s not forget this … my birthday. I love watching all the little buds pop up and the plants turning green. And I can’t wait to dig my hands into the dirt and get busy in my garden. *Contented sigh*

So grab your cameras (or your phones!) and join us for the March Photo Challenge here at Middle Places. I hereby commit to snap a photo every day and made all the prompts doable so you can do the same if you want. You can follow me at @middlesistermaria. I totally fell off the picture snapping for February because life happened. But I really love to document spring and all of its beautiful possibility.

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Need ideas? Here are a few, just in case!

March Photo Challenge Prompts:

  1. You: Yes you! Because you’re beautiful! #selfie #beautiful #thisissome
  2. Time: What’s your favorite time of day? #time
  3. A list: Where do you keep your lists? #list #planner
  4. Supplies: I love office supplies. Maybe too much. #supplies #officesupplies
  5. Handwritten: Are you joining our Daily Scripture Writing Plan? #handwritten
  6. Anticipation: What are you looking forward to? #anticipation #getready
  7. Daily Routine: What do you do every day? #routine #daily
  8. Reading: What are you reading right now? #amreading #books #booknerd
  9. Organized: Are you organized? Or the opposite? #organized #organizedlife
  10. Sunglasses: Break out the sunglasses! #littlethingsmatter #shades #sunglasses #selfie
  11. On the shelf: What’s on your shelf? Does it need cleaned? #shelf #shelved
  12. Clock: Where do you most often look to know the time? #clock #time
  13. Technology: What’s your favorite bit of technology? #technology #geek #tech
  14. A sign: It can be obvious or subtle. What sign did you see today? #sign
  15. Nature: Are you seeing hints of green yet? Or lots of snow? #nature #outside #greatoutdoors
  16. What I wore: Show us what you wore! #whatiwore #selfie #ootd
  17. All the green: It’s St. Patty’s Day. Light up the feed with green! #green
  18. Details: I love it when a plan comes together. #details #littlethingsmatter
  19. Celebrate: It’s my birthday! And I’ll bet you can find something to celebrate, too! #celebrate
  20. Spring: The first day of spring!!! Step outside and show us what that looks like in your neck of the woods. #spring
  21. Getting Ready: What are you getting ready for? #ready
  22. Currently: What’s the thing you’re busy with today? #currently
  23. Kitchen sink: Shiny or a mess? #kitchensink #realme
  24. Morning: Are you a morning person or a night owl? #morning
  25. Coffee: Or tea or whatever beverage helps you adult. #coffee
  26. Gimme a break: Sometimes we all need a break #break
  27. Easter: Show us your Easter finery or give us a peek at your Easter worship service. #easter
  28. Spring cleaning: Are you cleaning, purging, organizing? #springcleaning #spring
  29. Joy: It’s a choice y’all! Choose joy! #joy
  30. Key: The key to success or the key to your front door. Show us a key. #key
  31. For fun: What do you do for fun? #fun
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Don’t forget to add the hashtag #middleplaces & #preparing so we’ll know you’re joining us this month! And here’s a screensaver if you need a reminder. I always use this as my lock screen to help me remember at a glance what the prompt is for the day.



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