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Have you ever followed a theme through the Bible, searching out scripture based on one specific idea? This month as we brainstormed ideas for our daily scripture writing plan, God did a number on my heart. As I followed the theme of preparation through the Bible, my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants self got her toes stepped all over.

Humor me for just a minute and take a quick walk through the pages of the Bible with me with the theme of preparing in mind.


In Genesis we find that God prepared an entire world for us. Then we see Noah preparing to rescue humanity in what seemed a most ludicrous fashion. Fast forward to Moses, who helped prepare the way for God to lead Israel out of captivity. Next up we see Esther rescue that same nation through her deliberate and well-timed plans. Then Nehemiah through careful preparations is able to restore the walls around Jerusalem.

Now let’s skip ahead to the New Testament. We see God’s perfectly imperfect plan revealed in the lineage of Christ. And we see how “a voice in the wilderness” was sent to prepare the way for his ministry here on earth. We see how the Holy Spirit prepared the hearts of the people and provided a way for all of the nationalities to hear the Gospel in their own language. And don’t you just get so wrapped up in how God prepared Paul’s heart to become one of his greatest preachers?


How does all of that matter to you and me? What can we take away from all of that? I guess it could be a little different for you and me, but here’s what I saw as I followed this theme of preparation through the Bible. God doesn’t wait for us to tell him we’re ready. He doesn’t wait for us to ask permission. He is already preparing us for the work He is calling us to do.  Sometimes that looks like we’ve taken up residence in the school of hard knocks. Sometimes it looks like a season of rest. Other times it may mean we are pulled kicking and screaming into a position of leadership or dragged kicking and screaming out of one.

God cares enough for me and you that He never leaves us alone. He doesn’t throw us into a lion’s den or a furnace without a plan in place, even if that doesn’t look like a happy ending here on this earth. And that old saying that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle? It’s a bunch of hogwash. He does. But He also is keenly aware of us and has a plan in place that we only have to open our hands to receive. Because when we can’t handle it, He knows it will bring us back to Him.


This month as we work through the Daily Scripture Writing Plan together, you’ll see three specific types of scriptures. The first type is Bible stories of people who were being prepared by God to serve a specific calling. The second type will be found on Sundays … Psalms of ascent to help you prepare your heart for worship. The third type is verses to help you be prepared. Think of them as verses you might want to write and place in the space where you pray each day.

I hope it speaks to you the way it spoke to me as we worked to put all the pieces in place! Don’t forget to join our community to chat daily about the scripture prompt for the day! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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