Why Consider Foster Parenting?

The cry of a healthy baby is lusty and full of life.

The cry of a cocaine baby is high-pitched and full of pain, accompanied by a shaking body and a host of medical and other issues.

After we had built our family to four (three adopted and one biological), we kept our foster care license and agreed to help with infant care. The program is called interim infant care, and we were responsible for picking up the baby from the hospital and caring for them until they were placed with their forever family.

Why consider foster parenting? Why would we choose to foster children in our homes? Jesus. Jesus and children.

Our agency called us several times, and it was delightful! We got to keep one baby girl for 3 months and take her to her new forever family. Another little boy graced our home for several months and we were privileged to care for him until he was placed.

The cocaine baby was so challenging and troubling we were only able to keep him a few weeks until we raised a red flag and asked him to be moved from our home.

Why would we do this when we were done building our family?

Why consider foster parenting at all?

Jesus and children.

You see, whenever Jesus interacted with children in the Bible, he interacted with gentleness and great interest. He bent to reach them and invited them to come to him.

When these babies are born into difficult circumstances, who will be the hands and feet of Jesus to care for them?

Each of the children we fostered was born into a hostile world with no one to love them. While we couldn’t commit to adopting all of them (oooh … we were tempted!), we could serve them and love them until they were ready to move along.

My heart grieves when I read about the fact there are half a million children in foster care in the United States at any given time. There are needs abounding around the world. The stories of natural disasters, famine and refugees highlight the news. Where shall we spend our time and treasure?

May I suggest you consider opening your heart and your home to foster care? It is a sad comment to make that we are a nation that cannot band together to meet the needs of our own children.

How do you get involved in foster care, whether of infants or older children?

First, is there a faith-based adoption agency in your area or ministry in your church? One that we love is Bethany Christian Services. We have also worked with the Evangelical Child and Family Agency.  Whether you work through an agency or through your state’s department of children and family services, your first task is to get licensed as a foster care home.

While this may seem intimidating, it isn’t. Yes, you have to fill out forms, have strangers visit your home and probably take a class or two, but it is so worth it!

Once you are involved with an agency, whether private or public, express to them what kinds of kids you feel you can handle. Some families love the little ones. Others are drawn to teens that are the most desperately in need.

Don’t take on a child or a situation that will be a detriment to your current children. Our attempt to take in a teen and a 4-year-old proved to be the end of our foster care career. Their needs were overwhelming, and my children suffered from it.

Foster care can be short term, from a few days to a few weeks, or long term. There are also foster-to-adopt programs where you take on children who are likely to become available for adoption.

Has this idea piqued your interest, or caused your heart to throb? Will you be the hands and feet of Jesus to a child in need?

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Here is great a place to start exploring foster care!

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you consider this journey.


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