Journaling Bible Giveaway

It’s time to celebrate!! Middle Places has reached several BIG milestones this week!

Our Facebook page tripped 2,000 likes yesterday!
Our community is about to trip over 200!
Our Newsletter Subscription is about to hit 400 subscribers!

Y’all … this is definitely a cause to celebrate!

If we all lived close by, I would invite you all to meet up for a celebration at my favorite coffee shop and I would buy Americanos and chocolate cake for ALL the people because I am that excited. But this is the digital age and we’re bloggers and blog readers. So the next best thing is to have a giveaway.

To celebrate I’m giving away one of my favorite things, as well as some goodies to go with it … a journaling Bible.

To enter simply click the Giveaway box below the picture and click away, friends. Thanks so much for being a part of the Middle Places community!

Journaling Bible Giveaway

P.S. Have you joined our community yet? We’ve got all kinds of fun stuff happening there and it’s the best way to keep up with the happenings at Middle Places. And we’re pretty sure you’ll hear a #metoo pretty regularly in that group. We LOVE our community!

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Maria Davis

Maria is wife to a handsome tech guru and homeschooling mom of a teen and tween. She's a coffee lover by day, tea lover by night, book nerd, crazy cat lady, musician and a self-proclaimed geek bent on a life of embracing grace and sharing stories.
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About Maria Davis

Maria is wife to a handsome tech guru and homeschooling mom of a teen and tween. She's a coffee lover by day, tea lover by night, book nerd, crazy cat lady, musician and a self-proclaimed geek bent on a life of embracing grace and sharing stories.

  • TimsArmyWifey

    I’ve written in my Bible quite a bit. Normal pens and pencils, colored pencils as well as micron pens for Precepts.

  • Izzie

    Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!!

  • Mariann

    I NEEEEEED to win this giveaway!!!! I have written in my Bible in pen and highlighter. However, I’ve been so intrigued by Bible journaling!!!

  • Samantha Emerick

    I love to look at Bibles who have been used for journaling, but I’m a little nervous about jumping into it myself. This would be a good way to start.

  • Melissa Aubrey

    I have written in my Bible only once! I have a small devotional Bible and I normally highlight the verses I want to remember. I would LOVE to doodle in my Bible because drawing/art is actually my job!

  • Audra Christensen Silva

    I’ve written and highlighted in mine, but I’d really like to start doing the art and creative lettering. 🙂

  • Stacey Melancon- Kenyon

    I have only highlighted in my Bibles. I think having a journaling Bible was be an awesome way to make the Words truly “yours”.

  • Sara Allen

    I’ve written in my bible with a pen to take notes. I started by copying how my Mawmaw used to write in her’s when she could still see.

  • Heather Roberts

    I have highlighted and underlined in my Bible but have recently started praying in color in a journal (and taught my youth kids how to do it too!) so I’d really love to combine the 2 and have a journaling Bible!! I hope to be able to leave a Bible to each of my children one day with all my notes and doodles and the revelations I’ve gotten from the LORD and that their lives would be blessed, strengthened, and encouraged by them. I can’t think of many things better to leave my children than that!

  • Karen Felzien

    I write in pencil all over my Bible. I love to have the notes about the scripture right there to look back over when I come across that scripture in the future.

  • Becky Salter

    This was my first entry in my journaling bible. My father in law passed away January 3, 2016. Before he passed, the hospital stamped his hand for each of us. That’s what I used for the base. I then added stamps of his name, dates, the word love, and the butterfly on the left side. I taped the page in with washi tape. And it’s inserted in Ecclesiastes (“To everything there is a season…”), where I highlighted the verses using pencil.

  • jobella

    I have never drawn in my bible but have underlined passages and made notes that were important to me. I am working on rebuilding my relationship with God after having distanced myself for quite sometime. I am learning to read the bible again and would love to be able to journal in my bible right along with my daily reading and devotions.

  • Pam Kaliher

    What an awesome giveaway. I just started Bible journaling and am excited to learn more

  • Emily diem

    I love bible journaling .it definitely brings me closer to god and strengenths my faith.

  • Carianne Moore

    I soooooo need this. I’m really trying to learn how to study and make the bible a living part of my life!!!!!!!!

  • Wordgrrl

    I love Bible journaling! I was blessed to take a class from Illustrated Faith’s founder last week. ❤️

  • Tabitha

    I’ve alway written in my Bible so that I can be reminded of things when I read thay passage again. I usually just use what’s handy pen, pencil, etc… I’ve never really had a Bible with enough space to draw but I’m interested. 🙂

  • Emily diem

    I hope i win i realy want this bible journal it helps me to understand the bible a whole lot better and it makes the verses stick in your head and where it is in the bible and what the referance it also helps bring me closer to god

  • Lauralee Wilcox McCool

    I have never written in my Bible. When I first saw Bible Journaling, I thought it was blasphemy! Now, I love the idea. I am a single mom of two girls – 12 and 8 years old. My 12 year old is all attitude. I’m seeking ways to connect with her. I thought creating a journaling Bible to give to her would help imprint the words on her heart until she grows to love the Word like I do. My goal is to finish one for her and then start on one for her sister. 🙂 <3

  • TimsArmyWifey

    Would love this!~ Really wanting to start up