February Photo Challenge: Loving

Get ready to grab your phone or your camera and make some memories. It’s time for the February Photo Challenge! February at Middle Places it’s all about LOVE. From our photo challenge to our Daily Scripture Writing Plan to our special newsletter freebies the love is overflowing and abounding.

These photo challenges are a great way to document life, to remember to be grateful for the little things and to share what you love. If you’re not on Instagram, take the photos anyway and share on Facebook, Twitter, or even better … print them out and display them on the wall or in a book.

If you’re ready to join us, here are the details.

  • Grab/Save/Screenshot one of the graphics below (the square is just the right size for Instagram and the tall graphic is perfect for a lock screen photo on your phone).
  • Share the photo on Instagram! We love when you share the love!
  • Be sure to use the hashtags #middleplaces & #loving so we know you’re playing along with us. You can even tag @middleplaces on Instagram if you like.
  • Check out the list below to get ideas if you get stuck or want hashtag ideas. We’re generous like that.


February Photo Challenge Prompts:

  1. I’m lovin’ it — Go on and show us what you love! #lovingit #love
  2. Cozy — How do you like to cozy up? I personally am a big fan of the Snuggie. I know … so cheesy. But also, so toasty! #cozy #warm
  3. BFF — Snap a pic of you and your BFF and shout out what you love about her! #bff #friends
  4. You’ve got mail — Anything fun in the mail today? I love happy mail! #happymail#snailmail
  5. Breakfast — What’s on your plate this morning? I’m thinking bacon. #breakfast #instafood #yummy #yahoofood
  6. Sweet — Do you have a secret chocolate stash? Or maybe someone who’s always looking out for you? Show us what’s sweet in your world today. #sweet #chocolate #ABMlifeissweet
  7. Love thyself — We all have things about ourselves that we don’t love. Today, take a minute to celebrate all that’s wonderful about YOU. #selfie #selfiesunday
  8. Greeting card — It can be the simple act of putting pen to paper and dropping something in the mail that makes someone’s day. #cards #papercraft #greetingcards
  9. Holding hands — Whether it’s a chubby baby hand or that strong secure grip of your hunky guy, show us whose hand you love to hold. #hands #holdinghands
  10. Where we met — If you can’t go back, maybe draw a pic, or pull up Google street view. Be creative! #local #here
  11. Unconditional — Unconditional love, joy, hope, coffee. You tell us! #unconditionallove #unconditional
  12. Date night — Grab your main squeeze and enjoy a date night. Netflix and popcorn totally counts, y’all! #datenight
  13. Across the miles — Who do you love from afar? Family, friends? Show us. #acrossthemiles #longdistance
  14. All dressed up — Don your Sunday best and take a #SundaySelfie #selfie
  15. Better than flowers — I love flowers, but there are plenty of things in life that are better than flowers. #truelove #true #thehappynow #nothingisordinary #littlethingsmatter
  16. I love you — You don’t need my help for this one. Who do you love? #iloveyou #ilovemyfamily
  17. Chocolate — We can’t talk about love without chocolate. It would be a travesty. #chocolate #chocolates
  18. Hot! — Got a hot guy in your life? Or maybe it’s what’s in your cup. #hot
  19. Mood music — What kind of mood are you in? What’s on your playlist? #mood #music #playlist
  20. In the middle — Today … at this moment … what are you in the middle of? #inthemiddle #middle #petitejoys
  21. Snuggle up — Who’s your favorite to snuggle up with? #snuggle #snugglebuddy #livethelittlethings
  22. Sharing — Sometimes I like to share. Sometimes I don’t. What are you sharing? #sharing #share #mine
  23. Happiness is … — What makes you oh so happy? You couldn’t live without it. #happinessis #happiness #thehappynow
  24. A table for  … — How many are sitting at your table tonight? #livecolorfully #ilovemyfamily #datenight
  25. Favorite — Who or what is your favorite today? #favorite #favoritethings
  26. My heart — We all have somebody that makes our heart melt. Who’s yours? #heart #love
  27. beYoutiful — You are beautiful! Yes, you! Go ahead and snap a selfie of your beautiful self and share it with us!
  28. Homemade — I love homemade things so much! Knowing the time and effort that goes into that makes those things extra special. #homemade #thatsdarling #pursuepretty #calledtobecreative
  29. Leap — Grab your friend or you kid. Hand them the phone and jump in the air. Can you catch this action shot? Or maybe you’re ready to leap into March. #jump #move

We can’t wait to see all of your great photos on the #middleplaces hashtag! Remember to add the #loving hashtag to it too, so we’ll know which photo challenge you. And most of all … have fun!

Join the Middle Places February Photo Challenge! Document all of the ways, things, people and places you love with a photo a day and share them with your friends. Even better ... create a gallery wall at the end of the month with all of your photos. What a fantastic way to practice gratitude and create memories.

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