February Daily Scripture Writing Plan: Loving

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The month of February at Middle Places is going to be all about loving … what it truly means to be loved, how to love our friends and family well, what perfect Love looks like and more. None of that mushy, gushy stuff, though. We’re talking about the gritty real kind of love. We’re so excited to explore what it means to be in the middle of loving! And we’ve got a daily scripture writing plan to go with it.

Do you love Bible Journaling? Here's a great reading plan to journal with through the month of February. Focus on what true biblical love looks like and see how it changes your heart with this Daily Scripture Writing Plan.

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My friend Heather wrote up a plan to help us explore what Love looks like in the Bible. Touching on topics like loving your neighbor and your enemy, what our love for God should look like and what His love for us means for our lives … this plan is sure work a number on your heart if you will let it.

While reading through the Bible chronologically or otherwise is a wise and worthy investment of time and definitely something we should all be working on, I love this idea of pulling out a theme and following it through the scriptures as well. Spending the few minutes each day to write down verses has made me really stop and think about them in a whole new way.

We’ve got two different plans for you to select from … a short plan and a longer one. The short one should come in at around 5 minutes per day, the longer one would take about 10 minutes or maybe a little longer depending on how fast you write. If your time is precious or your hand cramps up, go for the short one! If you have a little more time or you love the act of putting pen to paper, then the longer plan should be right up your alley.

February Daily Scripture Writing Plan – Short

February Daily Scripture Writing Plan – Long

At the beginning of 2016 we launched our very first Daily Scripture Writing Plan. The plan walked us through the daring women of the Bible. We had no way of knowing how our community would jump on board and share the ways those women have challenged us as we wrote small portions of scriptures about their lives. It was such a beautiful way to get to know one another a little better and I love that community even more! So thank you, thank you, thank you to those who jumped in an contributed and shared!

If you’re not part of our community group on Facebook, you are missing an amazing opportunity to connect with women to learn and encourage one another. While Middle Places is not about filling the role of teacher or preacher in your life, we do so very much want to encourage you! This daily scripture writing plan is definitely playing a part in that and we couldn’t be more pleased.

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Each day a prompt and a few thoughts will be posted in our community. We’d love to hear what you learned or observed as you read and wrote the scripture chosen for that day. You can take a picture of your work and share it in the daily thread as well, as a way to get a little bit of accountability. I know that sometimes seeing the work of someone else pop up in my news feed was a great reminder to take a few minutes to do my own writing.

Thank you so much to all who took the time to share our January Scripture Writing Plan, making it such a huge success. If you enjoyed it, we’d love if you would share this one, too! Pin the picture, share the link or be your Twittery self if that’s your thing. Help us get the word out!

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