In the Middle of Daring

I’d like to tell you I think living a daring life means a girl has to go skydiving or run a marathon. That would totally let me off the hook for living a daring life. Or maybe I could tell you it means starting your own business or foundation, becoming a foster parent or running for a political office, or maybe even going on an overseas mission trip.

In the middle of Daring ... because living a daring life might not be what you think it is at all.

All are daring acts and I so admire people who do them. In fact, I could check off a couple of those things, myself. They’re the stuff of bucket lists, glamorous and fulfilling, full of thrills and excitement. They’re also a lot of hustle and hard work.

But here’s the thing … to say that in order to be daring we have to do something remarkable would dismiss quite a few of us from the call to be daring. After all, who would feed the children, balance the checkbook and all of the other tedious jobs that consume us in the middle of our ordinary lives if all of us were out on daring adventures?

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“It’s a season,” we tell ourselves as we shelve our daring dreams and tend to all of our duties and everyday tasks. People comfort us with words like “the days are long, but the years are short,” thinking it will console us and make us feel important, that what we’re doing matters. They’re right, of course, no matter how cliché it sounds, but our lives can begin to feel thankless and stifled as we’re caught in a season of ordinariness.

To be content with an ordinary life feels wrong somehow. We‘re supposed to be like Jesus and His life was anything but ordinary. And frankly, I’m right there in the middle of the ordinary along with so many of you, but I’m craving a daring life.

scripture-journaling-january-adHere’s the truth: I think living a daring life is something we all do in both minuscule and ginormous ways every day throughout our lives if we choose to. Sure, sometimes it looks like an exciting, daring adventure that gets our adrenaline pumping. But most of the time it doesn’t.

Sometimes living a daring life can be as simple as setting the timer for the coffee to brew 10 minutes early tomorrow morning. Because you know if you spend those lost 10 minutes of sleep with a cup of coffee and a chat with Jesus you’ll be able to face the long day full of carpooling, doctor’s appointments and kids that can never find their shoes with at least a semblance of a smile plastered to your face. You might even learn to be joyful while doing it.

Maybe living a daring life is knocking on the grumpy teenager’s door ready with a soft answer, to ask them a question you already know the answer to and wish you didn’t. This parenting gig is pretty tough. Daring to be a present parent, rather than a fun friend, definitely takes some guts.

Or maybe a daring life means you choose to show up at church expecting to encounter God week after week, even if you’re struggling to find meaning in it all. Opening your Bible, then asking questions of God about how to reconcile what we read in the Bible and this world we live in today, or about how to be joyful in the middle of grief, or about why church has to be such a messy, hard to love bunch of people sometimes … these are questions I’ve begun to ask.


They feel daring and supremely risky because I don’t know what all the answers will be, but I know I love Jesus. And what if I don’t like the truth after seeking it out? Will I still love Him?

Our natural tendency would be to write the ordinary things we do every day off as anything but daring. But what if the way we do them is the very thing that makes it all an extraordinarily daring adventure? We’re called to be Kingdom bringers, and we can do that right in the middle of where we are. We absolutely can. It requires a daring spirit to go against the grain, to stand apart, to disregard what the Joneses would do and instead do what Jesus would do.

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