2015 Recap of the “Year of RE”

Every month here at Middle Places we have a theme and each of those tied into our overall theme for the year. It was so fun dreaming and planning out this theme as we went. You probably didn’t actually see us talk about it too much on the blog, but if you visit our Facebook page it’s on our banner. It also sits in the sidebar about halfway down >>> or maybe it’s down below if you’re reading on a mobile device. It’s been an amazing experience to plan this theme out … sometimes intentionally and sometime through a series of accidental rabbit trails in our writer group. These ladies are a gift in my life.


I couldn’t resist doing a recap (see what I did there?) of the “Year of RE”, plus my personal favorite post for that theme. I love looking back and being able to say “We did it!” and it was beautiful.


Life is both beautiful and brutal, as Glennon from Momastery says, and there is no way of knowing exactly what is to come. Real life may not be easy, but it is always worth it.
Editor’s Pick:

For When They are Just Like You


The funny thing about fires … good ones … hot and fabulous ones … is that it’s all about the kindling. It’s about the little stuff.
Editor’s Pick:

Keepin’ The Home Fires Burnin’


When we relent, we let go of whatever it is we’ve been holding so tightly.  We release the things weighing us down, not because we are forced to, but because we can, and isn’t it just time?
Editor’s Pick:

The Salty Truth


If I asked you how you’re doing, I’d put money on the fact that as a stranger or acquaintance I would hear one of two answers: “Fine” or “BUSY.” I know that “Busy” is my go-to answer. A fact I’m not too proud of. I wear it like a badge of honor some days.
Editor’s Pick:

Refill, Please


We are inspired to rise with you creating beauty and wonder and hope and silliness here in the long slow evenings and the early, golden mornings. We’re searching our own lives, creating and recreating in ways both wondrous and small.
Editor’s Pick:

When Hoping Is Hard…


In light of all I haven’t done yet, play can seem frivolous, a further waste of precious time, and yet, play is absolutely critical to our happiness, our growth and even our physical and spiritual health
Editor’s Pick:

Playing before the Lord


We are acknowledging our fear, and choosing instead to ask God for wisdom when we find ourselves forced onto a new path. We recognize that we can’t hurry through it if we want to grow from it.
Editor’s Pick:

When It’s time for a Reroute


The way I was keeping all of my plates spinning is not going to work in this next phase of life. Plain and simple. It will be a constant struggle of “Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!”
Editor’s Pick:

There’s Only So Much You


We connect, day after day, everywhere we go, shallow connections, momentary connections, deep and lasting connections. We’re making them and breaking them, often without a second thought.
Editor’s Pick:

Finding Home


When we are destroyed, whether by natural disaster (circumstances) or by our own decisions, I believe God feels how I would feel if my writing disappeared. He feels bereft. He wants to fix us, save us, remake us. He wants to see us restored.
Editor’s Pick:

For the days you’ve lost your cape…


Recounting the LORD’s blessings is not necessarily just for all the milestones in your life, but the little moments as well. Sometimes the precious little things are the most fragile and more easily lost among the minutia of life.
Editor’s Pick: Your Testimony Is a Process
I began to realize that my testimony wasn’t over at 7 years old. It was going to continue my whole life. I began to feel Him nudging me when I was on the wrong thought train or making the wrong decisions.

Your Testimony is a Process


In a culture of commercialism, it’s easy to quickly lose focus on the main thing that Christmas is all about. How do we remain focused and protect our hearts from the cynicism and materialism that are so rampant in our environment?
Editor’s Pick:

Step 11 … Again: When You Need to Chug the Living Water

And with that, the “Year of RE” is almost over. We’ve already got the theme for 2016 ready to go and each month is mapped out. We’re going to be bringing in an editor (this makes me want to “Squeeeeeee!” with excitement!) and making some big behind the scenes changes, but you’ll continue to get a daily dose of encouragement that we do not walk through all of these middle places alone. In solidarity we’ll continue to say “Me, too.”

Oh … here’a little teaser for 2016:


I can’t wait!


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