Book Review & Giveaway: As Waters Gone By

Do you have a favorite author whose books you will buy without even looking to see what it’s about? Only a very certain few have ever made my list. Most of them being non-fiction writers. But Cynthia Ruchti is on my list for both fiction AND non-fiction. And since I love her books so much, I want to give away a copy of her newly released book “As Waters Gone By.”

The book, who title is taken from Job 11:16 “You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by,” is a book of healing and hope and peace woven together through a story of infertility and marriages tested by distance, heartache and family drama.

Emmalyn, the main character, has lost almost everything, including her hope. She arrives on the island planning to turn a hunting cottage into a home and possibly create a new beginning. The cast of colorful townspeople each find different ways to support her, especially Bougie.

I truly loved watching Emmalyn’s journey toward hope and joy. But even more so, I loved reading the little bits of Bougie’s wisdom shine through. She was a young woman with an old soul and had already learned the lessons of hope and healing that Emmalyn needed to experience for herself. She was in the business of running a bed and breakfast, but her true purpose was found in helping those who needed to discover healing for themselves.

One of my favorite things about Cynthia Ruchti’s books is that she tackles big social issues and weaves biblical truth into her stories without being preachy or cheesy. Infertility and miscarriage are typically issues that are very private and rarely discussed. And the same can be said of holding on to a marriage in the middle of deployment or imprisonment. Yet she tackled both topics in her story with much grace.

Cynthia Ruchti is a master weaver of words and a true story teller. She uses imagery throughout the book to reinforce her story, and brings the setting to life through her vivid descriptions.

With wonderfully developed characters, her story came drew me so that I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in a day. I didn’t have time to read it in a day, but I did it anyway. Groceries and laundry had to wait for another day. What a shame.

I’m so privileged to be on Cynthia’s street team, helping to get the word out about her latest book. She’s a true encourager and lovely to work with. Plus, who can say no to a free book? Wouldn’t you like one, too?


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