Greater Than

I posted a few weeks ago about my treasures, my children that live with their families in other countries scattered around the world.  I believe fervently and passionately in the power of God when His people in America and other wealthy nations get off their assets – to quote my pastor – and do something, anything, ONE SIMPLE THING for the world.

Yesterday, I got be a part of something so big, I never dreamed it would happen.
I hoped it would happen.
I even prayed for it to happen.
But I hadn’t placed my expectations in it happening.

I held back because I was afraid that I would be disappointed, or even worse, appear foolish, for believing so much from God, the most generous and loving creator of the universe.
I’m obviously much more about appearance than logic if you follow that statement.

What never ceases to amaze is God working these miraculous moments in the smallest ways. One person would find one child and transformation began.  That math makes no sense: One person + One child = Everything

God’s economy is the most powerful, most illogical, most awe inspiring method of universal salvation you could ever imagine.  He takes broken people with nothing to offer, no power, no service, no thing that He couldn’t create for Himself, and He walks with them, picking them up when they stumble, carrying them when they are too tired to walk, and along the way, He unites them with other broken people which seems like it would just make more brokenness but instead:

broken + broken = stronger
broken > solitude
broken with any number of exponentials —> eternity.

What kind of God makes up all the rules for math and logic and then breaks every one of them as He works to redeem the world?

My God.
Our God.
The One True God.

He does it not because He can’t follow His own rules, but because we  can’t. He bends the laws of everything to include a people who are far too lost to even fully comprehend the rules we’re playing by.

Sin = Death
God’s Love > sin + the rules
Grace = Everything

Which means yesterday when a single church in middle Georgia was asked to change the story for one hundred families in Tlamaya Mexico, they didn’t just think about it, or talk about it, they created a human wave of love surging back to a table filled with the hopeful, anxious, sometimes scowling faces of children. They picked them up and tucked them into their hearts and into their purses and they performed the impossible mathematics of grace: greater than.

This week, you too have a chance to be part of impossible math. Middle Places is hosting an auction to benefit Rapha House, an organization that excels in impossible math. Keep checking our blog and facebook page for ways that you can make your love and your money greater than.


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Dana Portwood

Dana is a writer, book-a-holic, lover of dogs, tattoo addict, wanna be beach bum, hair color-er, a survivor of cancer, over the moon about being 40, and a sold out minimalist. She's madly in love with her husband of twenty years and crazy about (or maybe just crazy) raising three teenage daughters.She believes in the power of Love, the miracle of grace, and the strength of community.
Dana Portwood
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Dana is a pastor’s wife and home schooling mom of three beautiful teens in middle Georgia. She’s passionate about women’s friendships, minimalism and being in the Word. You can find her on the MoJoy Blog (