Middle Sisters Recommended Reading, 10th Edition

Happy New Year! All week  Middle Places has been abuzz with New Year’s thoughts. Whether or not you are one who makes resolutions, its impossible to to get through this time of year without thinking about change. Everyone has hopes for what 2013 will hold for them.  Today’s reading links will be loaded with tools and inspiration to help you have a great year.

To begin with, Micheal Hyatt has an inspiring blog about his friend Robert Smith’s life message. This set of ten statements are wonderful for all of us to keep in mind as we make our way into a new year: How to Give Yourself an Edge in Making 2013 your Best Year Ever.       I also have a book to add to my to-be-read list, and since I signed up for the blog mailing list, I received Micheal Hyatt’s, Creating a Personal Life Plan in PDF.  This blog packs a lot of great tools in one entry!

So many of us have money as one of the top items we would like to change, whether it be handling it more responsibly, paying off debt, saving, or making more, I don’t know anyone who feels like they have their entire money situation handled perfectly. Joe Sangl has written a short, simple blog 5 Things You Can Do to save Big Time Money in 2013. No matter what you want to do with your money, having more of it is going to make that easier. If you really need to get control of your finances this year, I highly recommend checking out the Tools page on his website.  My family follows his budget plan, and we’re planning to make the next two years our most generous yet thanks to following his principles.

If an entire year of resolutions is too much for you, we have two posts that are for smaller increments of time. Ann Voskamp has made available a beautiful, printable daily planner page to help give structure and purpose to your day. You can read about it and download it here: How to Begin New Habits

If you feel a bit more ambitious, Joshua Becker has a 29 day plan for you: 29 Days to a Better You

If internet time is what’s got you thinking about change, here are many helpful suggestions on how to simplify your internet time. You don’t have to do them all, even picking 2-3 is going to make a difference in your time. Simplify the Internet

Last but not least, if you are looking for a challenge of a different flavor, you can join me in the 333 Challenge which will simplify your closet, your laundry and your time each day. No throwing away, purging or discarding is required as long as you have a small storage container (or perhaps a large storage room depending on your closet situation) for clothes you aren’t using. You can read more about the challenge and how it can be tailored to your needs  here: Declutter Your Closet with Project 333

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Dana Portwood

Dana is a writer, book-a-holic, lover of dogs, tattoo addict, wanna be beach bum, hair color-er, a survivor of cancer, over the moon about being 40, and a sold out minimalist. She's madly in love with her husband of twenty years and crazy about (or maybe just crazy) raising three teenage daughters.She believes in the power of Love, the miracle of grace, and the strength of community.
Dana Portwood
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About Dana Portwood

Dana is a pastor’s wife and home schooling mom of three beautiful teens in middle Georgia. She’s passionate about women’s friendships, minimalism and being in the Word. You can find her on the MoJoy Blog (mojoyblog.com)