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September 2015 Photo Challenge: Reconnect....wherever you are, be ALL there.

September 2015 Photo Challenge: Reconnect

Are you ready for September? Hoodies and Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Hurricanes, oh my! Our theme for this month is REconnect and the Middle Sisters are so excited to get rolling with a month of reconnections. Some of us are reconnecting with old friends, forgotten passions, and abandoned dreams. Others of us know we have gotten […]

Heavens Poetry Middle Places dot com

Heaven’s Poetry

(video below the text) “heaven’s poetry etched on lives”, that’s how one translation puts ephesians 2, verse 10. that’s me that’s you you are heaven’s poetry you have a rhythm and a tone that speaks of the goodness of God you know and you are known you love and you are loved and that doesn’t […]

How becoming a better boss made me a better person

I’ve had a lot of bosses over the years. Good bosses, great people, bad bosses, not-so-great people. In college I had a boss who was having an affair with a contractor for the same company, later I had another who was never-ever-ever available. I’ve had some who had great hearts but couldn’t lead a team […]

How do you process and regroup?

Taking My Time

I don’t regroup quickly. Take this move, for instance. Even when it was clear to both my husband and myself that he had finished his time at a youth minister, I could not wrap my head around leaving the church we were serving. Slowly, God walked me into acceptance and then I was able to […]