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August 2015 Photo Challenge: Regroup

August is nearly here and it’s time for a new #MiddlePlaces Photo Challenge! We’re continuing the “Year of #Re” with a new theme: ReGroup. You’ll hear all about that on Saturday, so be sure to come back and visit the blog tomorrow. You might even want to say “Bless your little Southern heart” after you […]

Umbrellas on a beach Family Vacations Gone Wrong

Family Vacations Gone Wrong

I’m not sure what possessed my parents to book a summer holiday (vacation for our American readers) in Romania, which back then was still behind the iron curtain and subject to all sorts of deprivations, but I guess it was one of the cheaper sun, sea and sand spots.  Things began to go wrong right […]

We will never leave His hands.

Just Clay

My husband and I have wondered many times if one of our seemingly small choices has changed the story’s outcome. What if we hadn’t left this church? What if we hadn’t taken this job? What if we had stayed in this city? What if?! Our lives would be completely different, that’s for sure. However, most […]

When I Sound Like a Broken Record

Sticky Friends

“Tell me about it,” she invites. “I don’t have anything new to say,” I reply through big crocodile tears. “Tell me anyway.” There are seasons in life where the pain of a hurtful situation seems to go on and on. A messy divorce, a cancer diagnosis, maybe a bit of both, infertility, the loss of a […]